everythingeverywhereeveryone with me

010 : me in Bangkok

or Bangkok in Me


009 : Neo Nymph

say hi to me & Bowkizta

008 : 60s girl in new town

007 : flowerful

flower + powerful = Flowerful

Butterfly Tree, Orchid Tree, Purple Bauhinia

006 : secret admiring

you will never know

005 : Ars longa vita brevis

Happy Birthday to  Professor Silpa Bhirasri

004 : Ma Vie En Rose (1997)

Ludovic Fabre: To make a baby, parents play tic-tac-toe. When one wins, God sends Xs and Ys.
XX for a girl, and XY for a boy. But my X for a girl fell in the trash, and I got a Y instead.
See? A scientific error!
But God will fix it and send me an X and make me a girl and then we'll get married, okay?

003 Crossing

Are You lonely?

002 Get tan?

I made this character since 2005 I called her “Aloha Girl”

001 IDentity

my fingerprint.